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TitleMonodemethylation of a coordinated ditelluroether. Synthesis and X-ray structure of [{Pd(o-C6H4(TeMe)Te)I}4]
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1990
AuthorsKemmitt, T., Levason W., Spicer M.D., and Webster M.
Pagination1181 - 1184
Date Published1990
ISSN02767333 (ISSN)
AbstractWhen [Pd{o-C6H4(TeMe)2}I2] is heated for short periods in dimethyl sulfoxide or the solution allowed to stand for several days at room temperature, monodemethylation occurs with the formation of the title complex, the structure of which was established by a single-crystal X-ray study. Crystal data for [{Pd-(o-C6H4(TeMe)Te)I}4] at room temperature: monoclinic, a = 11.142 (2) Å, b = 20.785 (2) Å, c = 19.596 (4) Å, β = 92.66 (2)°, Z = 4, space group P21/n, and Rw = 0.045 for 4467 data (F > 3σ(F)). The structure is based on a tetrameric unit containing an eight-membered ring (Pd4Te4) in which each square-planar-coordinated Pd atom is surrounded by one I and three Te atoms. The Te atom that does not have a methyl group attached is bonded to two Pd atoms and is part of the ring. Some spectroscopic properties of the title complex are reported and discussed. Realkylation does not occur on treatment of the tetramer with MeI. © 1990 American Chemical Society.

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