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TitleMo-mediated corrosion behaviour of 1 Cr - Carbon steel in sweet medium under hydrodynamic control
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsM. Sk, Hassan, Abdullah A.M., Ryan M.P., Ko M., Williams D.E., Laycock N., and Ingham B.
Series TitleNACE - International Corrosion Conference Series
ISBN03614409 (ISSN); 9781510864405 (ISBN)
KeywordsCarbon dioxide, Carbon steel, CO2 corrosion, Corrosion protection, Corrosive effects, Cr-mo steels, Crystalline materials, Flow effects, Hydrodynamic conditions, Hydrodynamic control, hydrodynamics, Microalloying, Plain carbon steels, Potentiostatic current transients, Sodium chloride, Steel corrosion, Synergistic interaction

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