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TitleMethods for measuring stiffness of young trees
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsLindström, H., Harris P.D., and Nakada R.
JournalHolz als Roh - und Werkstoff
Pagination165 - 174
Date Published2002
ISSN00183768 (ISSN)
KeywordsCorrelation methods, Elastic moduli, Elastic Strength, Lumber, MECHANICAL VARIABLES MEASUREMENT, Pinus Radiata, Pinus radiata clones, Stiffness, Trees, Wood, Young trees
AbstractThere is a need to determine stiffness at an early age, to help capture genetic breeding opportunities for better structural lumber. The current study investigates the possibility of selecting Pinus radiata clones with high modulus of elasticity (MOE). Various ways of measuring MOE are examined: traditional static bending, axial compression of bolts, existing sonic methods, as well as a tool specifically configured for resonance on short bolts. Wood characteristics and microfibril angle are measured on discs taken from each tree. Results show a good correlation between acoustic and static measurements of modulus of elasticity. Moreover, the selected seven radiata clones differ in stiffness by a factor of two, and much of this variation seems to relate to differences in microfibril angle. The results validate the assumption that there is potential to improve wood stiffness of radiata pine genetically. This work does not offer definitive solutions but explores a number of approaches that could be utilised as a selection tool in tree breeding for better product performance of radiata lumber. Here, development of methods based on acoustics is shown to assist in the necessary mass screening of clones for stiffness properties.

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