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TitleMaterials issues in the development of a long life alkaline fuel cell electrode
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsSmedley, S.I., Gardiner A., Brown I.W.M., Childs B., and Froebel T.
JournalMaterials at High Temperatures
Pagination205 - 209
Date Published2007
ISSN09603409 (ISSN)
KeywordsAlkaline fuel cells, Cost effective, Electrical power, Electrode performance, Electrodes, Electroless deposition, High surface area, Long life, Low costs, Ni metal, Nickel, Nickel alloys, Nickel electrode, Overall costs, Sintering
AbstractTypical domestic requirements call for system capable of outputting about 1 kW of electrical power on a continuous or intermittent basis and about 1 kW of heat. The alkaline fuel cell approach is suitable because of its potential for low cost and ruggedness. Apart from the issue of overall cost, the principal technical issue is to develop a cost effective long life 40, 000 hour electrode. In this article we describe the construction of electrodes from Ni metal powder by compression and electroless deposition of Ni metal, effectively sintering the particles. These techniques can be applied to very high surface area Ni nano particles which should dramatically improve the electrode performance. © 2007 Science Reviews 2000 Ltd.

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