Callaghan Innovation can help make your idea happen — whatever stage you're at.

Good idea

You have an innovative idea but haven't formed a business yet.

Get inspired - read our innovation success stories

How Callaghan Innovation can help

We’ll connect you with New Zealand’s innovation sector and business experts who’ll show you how to launch your idea as a business venture

Regional Business Partners

Founder incubators

Technology incubators

Accelerator programmes

Start up

You have started a business to develop your idea.

Build your innovation skills

How Callaghan Innovation can help

We'll provide some initial funding, work with you to develop your product for the market, and identify R&D experts who can help your business succeed.

R&D programme development

Identify expertise gaps

Innovation and IP training

Getting Started Grants

Project Grants

Early growth

Your idea is proving successful - and your business is growing.

Read how SnapIT became a global exporter

How Callaghan Innovation can help

We’ll advise you on future product development, help you scale up, and connect you with innovation experts and funding sources

Technology and product development

Innovation skills training

Access to experts

Business collaborations

Growth Grants


Your idea is now underpinning a well-established business.

See how Movio fast-tracked their development process

How Callaghan Innovation can help

Our business networks and innovation experts will help build your in-house innovation capacity. Our targeted grants can boost your R&D spend where it’s most needed.

Tailored R&D solutions

Innovation programmes and workshops

Collaborative projects and joint ventures

A range of R&D grants

R&D expert

You're investing in R&D to keep your idea at the cutting edge.

Find out how Methven is harnessing international networks to grow a global business.

How Callaghan Innovation can help

We’ll help you identify the technologies you’ll need to stay ahead – and provide grants for the right projects. We can also connect you with experts and networks across New Zealand and the world.

End-to-end R&D support

Innovation benchmarking and up-skilling

Joint ventures in targeted technologies

National and international networks

Project and Student R&D grants

Updated:2 March 2017

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