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TitleLong term behaviour of ionization gauges
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1981
AuthorsPoulter, K., and Sutton C.
Pagination147 - 150
Date Published1981
ISSN0042207X (ISSN)
AbstractRepeated measurements of the sensitivity of both triode and Bayard-Alpert types of ionization gauge have been made as a function of the number of operating hours of the gauges. The measurements were made using nitrogen at 5 × 10-3 Pa. Typically gauges were operated for 1000 h and up to 100 measurements made. The results show that the triodes drift at a rate of up to ±0.45% per 100 operating hours. A Bayard-Alpert gauge drifted at a rate of -1.4% per 100 operating hours when it was kept under vacuum but similar gauges exposed to atmospheric conditions showed sharp changes of up to 25% in their sensitivity. Possible mechanisms for these changes are listed. © 1981.

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