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TitleLarge low-temperature magnetoresistance in SrFe2As2 single crystals
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsChong, S.V., Williams G.V.M., Kennedy J., Fang F., Tallon J.L., and Kadowaki K.
Date Published2013
ISSN02955075 (ISSN)
AbstractWe present the first report on a large low-temperature magnetoresistance (MR) of more than 1600% in a SrFe2As2 single crystal and 1300% in a low-energy Ca ion-implanted SrFe2As2 single crystal that occurs before the emergence of crystallographic strain-induced bulk superconductivity arising from a sample aging effect. In accordance to band structure calculations from the literature, which consitently show that more than 2 bands are involved in the transport, we have modeled this large MR at high fields using a 3-carrier scenario rather than solely on quantum linear MR model generally used to explain the MR in iron-pnictides. At and below 20 K the large MR may be due to 3-carrier transport in an inhomogeneous state where there are superconducting and metallic regions. © Copyright EPLA, 2013.

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