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TitleInvestigation of ac voltage measurement requirements for an oscillatory dynamic mode version of the watt balance
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsChristian, L.A., Stewart T.J., and Sutton C.M.
Conference NameCPEM Digest (Conference on Precision Electromagnetic Measurements)
Date Published2010
KeywordsAc voltage, Design issues, Dynamic modes, Electromagnetism, New forms, Oscillatory dynamics, Planck constants, Programmable Josephson voltage standard, Standard uncertainty, Voltage measurement, Watt balance
AbstractRecently a new form of the watt balance apparatus for measuring the Planck constant has been proposed that employs an oscillatory rather than a constant coil velocity during the dynamic mode of the experiment. The resulting ac voltage of frequency around 1 Hz and amplitude around 1 V would need to be measured to a relative standard uncertainty of better than 1 × 10 -8. A quantum voltmeter employing a programmable Josephson voltage standard and a sampling voltmeter with preamplifier is proposed to achieve this. This paper discusses some of the design issues involved with such a measurement. © 2010 IEEE.

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