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TitleAn investigation of 2D multizone surround sound systems
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsPoletti, M.
Conference NameAudio Engineering Society - 125th Audio Engineering Society Convention 2008
Date Published2008
KeywordsAcoustic devices, Acoustic fields, Active zone, In-line, Least-squares approach, Multizone, Single-frequency wave fields, Societies and institutions, Surround sound, Virtual sound sources
AbstractSurround sound systems can produce a desired sound field over an extended region of space by using higher order Ambisonics. One application of this capability is the production of multiple independent soundfields in separate zones. This paper investigates multi-zone surround systems for the case of two dimensional reproduction. A least squares approach is used for deriving the loudspeaker weights for producing a desired single frequency wave field in one of N zones, while producing silence in the other N-1 zones. It is shown that reproduction in the active zone is more difficult when an inactive zone is in-line with the virtual sound source and the active zone. Methods for controlling this problem are discussed.

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