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Identify and strategically manage your intellectual property (IP)

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What is Innovation IP?

Innovation IP® gives innovative and ambitious New Zealand businesses the knowledge, capability and confidence to leverage their IP and intellectual assets to enable growth and reduce risk.

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How will Innovation IP help you?

It will show you how to: 

  • manage infringement risk
  • learn how to avoid losing valuable IP
  • find out how to identify important IP assets such as patents, trademarks, know-how and copyrights
  • discover how to leverage IP value for faster growth and contractual arrangements.

However, Innovation IP won’t suddenly turn you into an IP expert. It’s not a service for registering patents and trademarks, or defending copyright. And it definitely won’t ignore all your existing know-how and expertise!

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Who is Innovation IP for?

Innovation IP is designed for businesses of any size that are:

  • generating valuable IP
  • investing in R&D and eager to maximise the value of their IP
  • wanting to understand their freedom to commercialise and how to avoid risk of infringement.

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How it works

Stage 1: Helps you understand your own IP and develop an IP strategy consistent with your overall business strategy. 

Stage 2: Provides financial support to help you implement an IP strategy.

Authorised service providers:

You can find out more about this programme by reading our Innovation IP brochures below:

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Innovation IP has two stages:

Stage 1 costs $3,200-$9,500. You pay 60% and Callaghan Innovation will fund 40%.

Stage 2 costs up to $12,500. You pay 60% and Callaghan Innovation will fund 40%.

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Want to know more about Innovation IP?

Get in touch with your Callaghan Innovation advisor for more details.

Email:; Phone:0800 422 552.

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What our customers say about Innovation IP

Innovation IP completely changed how we looked at our business…We can now see how we fit in the eco-system and how we can monetarise the things we’ve done instead of trying to hide them.

Warwick Downing, Chief Executive Officer at Rapid Advanced Manufacturing Ltd. 

Updated: 11 December 2020