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Build for Speed

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Accelerate software product development and deliver successful project outcomes. 

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About Build for Speed

Good code can improve productivity and realise the potential of your digital business. As software product development businesses grow and their scale of operation increases, the processes and practices used by software developers become more critical.

Build for Speed is a tailored programme that helps digital businesses speed up software product development by updating architecture, managing technical debt and adopting continuous delivery principles. Build for Speed encourages Agile practices that are prioritised according to the specific requirements of each participating business.

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Who is it for?

Businesses developing their own software products with a development team of at least 4 FTEs and willing to invest resources into improving software development skills and capability. Senior leadership support and engagement is a prerequisite. 

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How it will help your business

Good code delivered efficiently can improve productivity, maximise business potential and delight your customers. It can be the difference between success and failure of your venture and becomes increasingly important as the scale of your operations increases.
Delivered by experienced software professionals Build for Speed starts with analysis and benchmarks your current software development capability and practices and maps out an improvement checklist to help you:
  • accelerate your path to market through faster product delivery
  • improve software development process and architecture 
  • improve efficiency with automated testing tools
  • improve long term effectiveness using continuous delivery principles
  • increase productivity using truly Agile processes

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How does it work?

Build for Speed is delivered on-site at your business where experienced software development professionals will work alongside your software and management teams.

Build for Speed works in 2 stages over 12 months that are tailored to your own business requirements.

The Discovery stage delivering up to 25 hours of consultant support is a baselining assessment of current capability and practice identifying improvement opportunities that will deliver real value.

The Excellence stage consists of Technical Excellence and/or Agile Excellence options working with expert coaches for up to 50 hours each to drive change while building in-house capability. A business may optionally choose to self-manage improvement activities with support from the Callaghan Innovation representative.

You can find out more about this programme by reading our information brochure: PDF iconCallaghan Innovation Build for Speed

Details about our Build for Speed providers can be found in the PDF iconBuild for Speed Service Provider Directory

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Costs may vary depending on chosen programme provider.

Co-funding may be available for eligible businesses. Please talk to your Callaghan Innovation adviser to see if you qualify.

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Get involved

Phone 0800 4 CALLAGHAN (0800 422 552) to talk to us about how Build for Speed can help your digital business.

What our customers are saying about Build for Speed

"Our team thoroughly enjoyed the Build for Speed program. It was great to be with a team of experts who breathed our language and who were passionate about wanting to help us succeed." 

"...Release cycle down from 2 months to 2 days."

"...Production incidents half of what they were."

"Velocity more stable and predictable. Now we always deliver in a sprint."

"Test coverage of new components is 60-70% compared to 4% for old code."

Updated: 7 November 2018