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Intangible asset strategy to realise true business value

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What is Beyond IP?

Did you know intangible assets can make up as much as 80% of the value of a modern business?

These assets go beyond the innovations you patent or trademark. These assets are everything that has grown out of those innovations to become the unique competitive advantage of your business.

These assets include:

  • staff expertise and experience
  • brand recognition 
  • unique processes 
  • proprietary data 
  • customer relationships
  • network relationships

For a period of up to 12 months you will work with seasoned knowledge asset experts. They will help you identify all the unique assets that give your business the ability to generate a better return than your competitors. They will help you build a strategy to maximise those assets and implement that strategy into your business.

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How will Beyond IP help you?

Awareness and strategic management of intangible assets will inform the structure, culture, decision-making and daily commercial negotiations of your business. It will give your business the confidence and ability to pivot when circumstances change or opportunity presents itself.

Beyond IP will show you how to identify these knowledge assets within your business, how to build a strategy to leverage the value they add, and how to implement that strategy for commercial benefit.

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Who is Beyond IP for?

Beyond IP is business size, stage and sector agnostic. It is suitable for any business with a product in the market. It will help you create a strategy to maximise the ongoing value of the intangible assets in your business

Beyond IP is not a service for filing patents or defending copyright.

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How it works

The Programme (Beyond IP) takes a dual approach to your intangible assets:

  • Strategic - a deep dive into what intangible assets exist in your business and how to maximise their value by understanding their strategic role
  • Tactical -  how to implement your new intangible asset strategy to realise their value and meet your business goals. 

These two will be completed over a 12-month period with the support of your expert advisers.

We have partnered with experienced intangible asset management experts to ensure the support and advice is relevant and helpful to your business. These authorised service partners are:

PDF icon Beyond IP Service Provider Directory

View all provider videos on YouTube.

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Callaghan Innovation funds 40% of the programme cost (up to a maximum of $10,000).

Customers have 12 months to complete the programme.

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Want to know more about Beyond IP?

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Updated: 25 July 2022