Innovation skills

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Giving you the knowledge, skills, and motivation to innovate and succeed.

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We offer a range of programmes and workshops to help your business scale and increase its pace of innovation, from improving performance and eliminating inefficiencies through to accelerating software and product development.

Capital Education

Capital Education

A guide to raising capital in New Zealand

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Unleash the value in your business by putting every step of the business process under the Lean lens. Eliminate waste and improve your customer experience.

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Digital Lean

Build upon your Lean foundations and boost your competitive advantage further through the use of Industry 4.0 technologies.

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Beyond IP

Beyond IP

Identify your IP assets, manage them strategically and maximise their value.

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Our Whkatauaki


Product360 offers a range of key commercialisation tasks to complete, empowering you to make informed early decisions and plans that will help accelerate your path to success.

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Updated:30 June 2021

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