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Research and technical services

Callaghan Innovation’s RTS and Commercial Business groups provide services to help business take their ideas from concept to commercial reality.

The Commercial group includes two subsidiaries, the carbohydrate chemist GlycoSyn and the Measurement Standards Laboratory. 

The value and effectiveness of these services is evidenced by the growth in commercial revenue received from our customers, as well as the demand and take-up of our programmes and services.

In the nine months to 31 March this year, we provided R&D and commercial services to 304 organisations. Inquiries about our services clearly indicate that demand is continuing to grow.

Research and Technical Services infographic 1

Research and Technical Services infographic 2

Over the past year, we've helped businesses with R&D in future-forward areas such as:

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Designing and creating acoustic, ultrasonic, microwave, optical, hyperspectral, magnetic, chemical and electrical imaging and sensing systems

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Developing methods to extract, concentrate, purify and use natural resources, from minerals to waste materials

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Analysis, separation and identification of a range of bioactive compounds from sources such as dairy, plants, bees, meat and fish

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Creating virtual and augmented reality-based products and digitising manufacturing operations

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Developing robotic systems for use in applications such as pasture and livestock management, and navigation

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Large-scale extraction, fermentation and separation/isolation


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Updated: 4 May 2022