Callaghan Innovation’s R&D grants are designed to add scale to businesses’ R&D investment. Our grants programme is broadly made up of Growth, Project and Student grants. 

Grant contracts

From July 2016 to March 2017, we engaged with 988 businesses about grants, and 704 had one or more grant contracts with us. The Auckland region and the digital sector dominate both the number of companies involved with grants and the forecast and actual amounts paid out to companies.

Grants contracts infographic

Growth grants

Growth Grants support businesses that have R&D experience.

When we provide a Growth Grant, which covers 20% of a business’s eligible R&D costs, we track how much of its own money the business spends on R&D. Our results show that within their first year of receiving a grant, businesses are already lifting their R&D spending (over and above their grant funding).

  Contract year    
Increase 1 2 3
From base 12.03% 27.98% 41.61%
Year-on-year 12.03% 14.23% 10.66%


Project grants

Project Grants help businesses to develop specific products, processes or services, with the aim of building their commitment to R&D. 


We surveyed 248 businesses that had completed Project Grants (covering up to 40% of their R&D costs) since 2014. Most were confident that their businesses will benefit from the funding. 

Grants infographic 2

Getting started grant

A Getting Started Grant helps take a product, process or service solution from development through to commercialisation by paying 40% of eligible R&D project costs up to $5,000. Almost three-quarters (72%) of businesses that received Getting Started funding over the previous three financial years said they planned to spend the same or more money on R&D.

Getting started grant infographic

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Updated: 25 July 2017