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Callaghan InCite aims to accelerate conversation in New Zealand about innovation and investment in R&D.

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Like every other country in the world, New Zealand faces a tsunami of technological change. How we successfully ride that wave is up to our business and industry sectors.

Callaghan InCite shows how New Zealand ranks alongside its OECD partners and global competitors. It draws on studies of science and innovation, official New Zealand and international data, and Callaghan Innovation’s own information, to show the impact of business spending on R&D. A synthesis of data and analysis, complemented by infographics, Callaghan InCite illustrates where we now stand and where we need to move to. 

It includes editorials from our CEO Vic Crone, Director of Te Pūnaha Matatini Professor Shaun Hendy and Animation Research Ltd’s Ian Taylor. Callaghan InCite’s unifying theme is “Working in the niches” – encouraging New Zealanders to disrupt the status quo by finding innovation opportunities in overlooked or underdeveloped areas of business. 

We hope you find it informative and inspiring.

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Are we surfing or drowning

Are we surfing or drowning?

Technology is changing our entire economy and society. Everyone knows that. Or so you’d think...

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Niche guys finish first

Niche guys finish first

Now more than ever, New Zealand businesses must harness the power of innovation to ensure they’re in on the action and not left sitting on the sidelines, wondering what’s hit them.

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Shaun Hendy

Shaun Hendy – Chasing the weird stuff

Professor Shaun Hendy talks up technology collisions and creative connections

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Business by numbers

The highs and lows of our spending on R&D

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Outputs, impacts and outcomes

How Callaghan Innovation helps businesses prepare to innovate

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Ones to Watch

Ones to watch

High performing firms that demonstrate the Kiwi way of doing business

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8i is a technology company on a mission to give people the best possible way to connect with each other and express themselves through holograms.

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Automatic death to pests

Goodnature has created a light and easy-to-use trap that kills humanely without the need for poisons.

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Production Machinery Limited

Making appliance manufacturing smarter

Production Machinery Ltd (PML) is a supplier of “smart factory” solutions, primarily to the appliance manufacturing industry.

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Stretch Sense

StretchSense is helping to enable the "third generation" of wearables, in which the garment is the sensor.

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It’s about whenua and whanau

Wakatū is a Māori family-owned business based in Te Tau Ihu (the top of the South Island). A business of land and sea, Wakatū has three parts: Manaaki, Whenua and Kono

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Throw the ball out

Throw the ball out

Innovator Ian Taylor dares us to give New Zealand a sporting chance

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Information sources

Index of inCite's information sources

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Updated:25 July 2017

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