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Callaghan InCite aims to accelerate conversation in New Zealand about innovation and investment in R&D.

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Like every other country in the world, New Zealand faces a tsunami of technological change. How we successfully ride that wave is up to our business and industry sectors.

Callaghan InCite shows how New Zealand ranks alongside its OECD partners and global competitors. It draws on studies of science and innovation, official New Zealand and international data, and Callaghan Innovation’s own information, to show the impact of business spending on R&D. A synthesis of data and analysis, complemented by infographics, Callaghan InCite illustrates where we now stand and where we need to move to. 

It includes editorials from our CEO Vic Crone, Director of Te Pūnaha Matatini Professor Shaun Hendy and Animation Research Ltd’s Ian Taylor. Callaghan InCite’s unifying theme is “Working in the niches” – encouraging New Zealanders to disrupt the status quo by finding innovation opportunities in overlooked or underdeveloped areas of business. 

We hope you find it informative and inspiring.

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Updated:25 July 2017

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