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TitleHolographic microwave imaging array: Experimental investigation of breast tumour detection
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsWang, L., Simpkin R.A., and Al-Jumaily A.M.
Conference NameIEEE iWEM 2013 - 2013 IEEE International Workshop on Electromagnetics: Applications and Student Innovation Competition
Date Published2013
AbstractThis paper presents a two dimensional (2D) Holographic Microwave Imaging Array (HMIA) technique for early breast tumour detection and demonstrates its efficacy using experimental data. The system is designed for operation at a single frequency of 12.6 GHz, which includes one transmitter and an array of 15 receivers that is placed at a far-field under the breast phantom. The breast phantom consists of homogeneous normal breast tissue, a small malignant tumour and skin. The matching solution medium is not necessary in this system. Air is used between the antennas and breast phantom. The experimental results showed that small tumours (<5 mm) at different locations could be successfully detected by using the proposed 2D HMIA technique. © 2013 IEEE.

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