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Is your business new to, or trying to expand your R&D? A Project Grant can help you take on larger or more challenging R&D.

We are currently experiencing a high level of demand for our R&D Grants and advice, and our processing may take a little longer than usual. Please bear with us as we work to support this demand. 


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How can the grant help me?

The Project Grant is designed to help you:

  • Build your R&D expertise by giving your business an opportunity to push the boundaries and uncover new scientific or technical knowledge and understanding
  • Break new ground in an R&D project for the development of new or substantially improved devices, products, processes, systems or services
  • Develop your business into a stable and substantial R&D performer
  • Grow your investment in R&D.

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How does it work?

Your business will:

  • Typically receive 40% of your eligible R&D project costs; reducing for large projects, or when the business has had multiple grants.
  • Only receive funding for R&D done in New Zealand (unless pre-approved)
  • Receive payment in arrears (monthly or quarterly).

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Who can apply?

To apply for a Project Grant, your business must be one of the following:

  • Registered under the Companies Act.
  • Registered under the Limited Partnerships Act.
  • A Māori incorporation or trust established under the Te Ture Whenua Māori Act, a trust set up to manage assets as part of a Treaty of Waitangi settlement, a Māori statutory body, or a business controlled by one or more of these entities.

Charitable Trusts can apply for funding only if they meet the business criteria above and satisfy all other criteria.

To qualify, your business must also:

  • Meet financial and due diligence requirements
  • Have been performing R&D for less than three years or have spent less than $800k, on average, each year on R&D for the last three consecutive years
  • Not have received funding under a Growth Grant contract within 2 years of the contract maturity date.

There may be limited circumstances where:

  • A business could be eligible if it has spent more than $800k on average but has not yet commercialised its R&D
  • A previous Growth Grant recipient could be eligible for 20% co-funding if it can provide evidence that Inland Revenue has declined to provide funding for the activities outlined in its project proposal for the Research and Development Tax Incentive (RDTI).

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How do I apply?

Talk to us and we’ll help you through the process. You can apply at any time.

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Project Grant guides and FAQs

How do I calculate eligible R&D project costs?

As a starting point, consult the Eligible costs for Project Grants guideline to help clarify eligible and ineligible R&D project costs.

If I have a R&D Loan, can I apply for a project grant?

Yes you may apply for a project grant but note that you may be required to repay a portion of the loan as you cannot receive more than 100% government funding for your project

Project Grant guidelines

PDF icon Pre-application Checklist: Are you ready to talk about Project Grants?

PDF icon Guidelines: Eligible Costs for Project Grants

PDF icon Guidelines: Project Grant Funding Agreement

Project Grant application template

File Project Grant - Application template

Callaghan Innovation funding allowed us to develop a unique training product that is fun to do and provides full assessment capability to trainees...We’ve been supported along the journey and improved our focus and opportunities for international growth.

Paul Feltoe, Director - Safety Solutions

Updated: 28 April 2021