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Growth Grants

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This grant has been replaced by the R&D Tax Incentive and is no longer accepting applications.

Information about the R&D Tax Incentive can be found at the RDTI Hub

Growth Grant guides and FAQs

The following information is for existing Growth Grant customers only.

How do I calculate R&D intensity ratio and eligible R&D expenditure for a Growth Grant?

As a starting point, consult the 'Evidencing Eligible R&D and RDI for Growth Grant' guideline below. This document will help clarify, eligible and ineligible R&D expenditure and evidential requirements, and specify relevant accounting standards.

Growth Grant Guidelines

PDF icon Guidelines: Evidencing Eligible R&D and RDI for Growth Grants

File Annual Review Report – Confirmation of Directors and Review Certificate Template for chartered accountants
Please refer to the 'Evidencing Eligible R&D and RDI for Growth Grants' guidelines above for other templates.

PDF icon Guidelines: Growth Grant Funding Agreement

2020 Ministerial Direction - Criteria for Assessing Proposals for Growth Grant Funding

2020 Ministerial Direction – Amendment Notice for Growth Grant Funding (30 April 2020)

Updated: 10 June 2021