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TitleGeographic variation in the Hebe albicans complex (Plantaginaceae) - Morphology and flavonoid chemistry
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsKellow, A.V., Bayly M.J., Mitchell K.A., and Markham K.R.
JournalNew Zealand Journal of Botany
Pagination141 - 163
Date Published2005
ISSN0028825X (ISSN)
KeywordsAustralasia, Eastern Hemisphere, geographical variation, Hebe albicans, morphology, Nelson, new zealand, phytochemistry, Plantaginaceae, South Island, taxonomy, World
AbstractVariation in morphology and flavonoid chemistry is appraised in populations of H. albicans, H. recurva, and the tag name entity H. "glaucophylla NW Nelson", which together comprise the H. albicans complex. Morphological comparisons include a morphometric study of leaf variation. Comparisons in flavonoid chemistry are made with several other species of " Subcarnosae" and small-leaved "Occlusae". It is proposed that members of the H. albicans complex be included within a single species, H. albicans, and that no subspecific taxa be recognised. Hebe albicans, as treated here, is a glaucous-leaved shrub of rocky places in NW Nelson. Its has a decumbent to upright habit, and variable leaf shape. Two chromosome numbers (2n = 40, 80) have been recorded. © The Royal Society of New Zealand 2005.

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