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TitleFluorescence of ceramic color standards
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsKoo, A., Clare J.F., Nield K.M., Deadman A., and Usadi E.
JournalApplied Optics
Pagination2376 - 2381
Date Published2010
ISSN1559128X (ISSN)
KeywordsAt-wavelength, Calibration and verification, Ceramic colors, Ceramic materials, Ceramic tile, color, Color measurements, Color measuring instrument, Color standards, Colorimetry, fluorescence, Response range, Silicon photodiode
AbstractFluorescence has been found in color standards available for use in calibration and verification of color measuring instruments. The fluorescence is excited at wavelengths below about 600nm and emitted above 700nm, within the response range of silicon photodiodes, but at the edge of the response of most photomultipliers and outside the range commonly scanned in commercial colorimeters. The degree of fluorescence on two of a set of 12 glossy ceramic tiles is enough to introduce significant error when those tiles have been calibrated in one mode of measurement and are used in another. We report the nature of the fluorescence and the implications for color measurement. © 2010 Optical Society of America.

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