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TitleEnergy and economic assessment of near-critical extraction processes
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1990
AuthorsKing, M.B., Catchpole O.J., and Bott T.R.
JournalInstitution of Chemical Engineers Symposium Series
Pagination165 - 186
Date Published1990
ISSN03070492 (ISSN)
KeywordsChemical Operations - Economics, Energy Consumption, Extraction, Loading Effects, Near Critical Extraction, Rape Seed Oil Extraction, Vegetable Oils - Solvent Extraction
AbstractEnergy consumption and capital costs for marginally subcritical and supercritical extraction processes are discussed and the important role of solute loading in determining both these factors is emphasised. Careful attention to the solute/solvent separator conditions is found to be required if energy and capital costs are to be minimised. The scale of operation is important in determining capital costs. The discussion is illustrated by a worked example in which the separation cost for a hypothetical process for extracting oil from crushed rape seed using marginally subcritical liquid carbon dioxide is evaluated. Areas where near-critical extraction may well be shown to be cost-effective are suggested.

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