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TitleDistribution of ]1-14C]N-palmitoylethanolamine and its metabolites in subcellular fractions of neuroblastoma C1300 N18
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1991
AuthorsGula, N.M., Mel'nyk O.O., Vysots'kyǐ M.V., Balkov D.I., Volkov G.L., and Govseieva N.M.
JournalUkrainskii biokhimicheskii zhurnal
Pagination115 - 119
Date Published1991
ISSN02018470 (ISSN)
Keywordsarticle, carbon, Carbon Radioisotopes, cell culture, cell fractionation, diacylglycerol, diagnostic agent, Diglycerides, English Abstract, fatty acid, Fatty Acids, Nonesterified, human, metabolism, microsome, Microsomes, neuroblastoma, palmidrol, palmitic acid derivative, Palmitic Acids, Subcellular Fractions, triacylglycerol, Triglycerides, Tumor Cells, Cultured
AbstractDistribution in dynamics of [1-14C]N-palmitoyl ethanolamine in the subcellular fractions of neuroblastoma C1300 N18 has been studied. It is shown that distribution dynamics of the label is different depending on subcellular fractions. The level of the label in cytoplasm 15 min after incubation reaches the value which remains constant till the end of the experiment. In the microsomal fraction the label is accumulated with time and becomes maximum at the end of the experiment. The highest amount of the label in the plasma membrane has been found 15 min later and then its amount falls. Parallel with this the amount of free fatty acids grows and then begins to fall simultaneously with an increase of the amount of esterified fatty acids. A considerable amount of the label of fatty acids has been determined 15 min later in the composition of di- and triglycerides of cytosol and microsomal fraction.

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