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TitleDiode-array UV solar spectroradiometer implementing a digital micromirror device
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsFeldman, A., Burnitt T., Porrovecchio G., Smid M., Egli L., Gröbner J., and Nield K.M.
PaginationS289 - S292
Date Published2014
ISSN00261394 (ISSN)
KeywordsDigital micro-mirror device, Long wavelength, Off-the-shelf components, Radiometers, Spectral intensity, Spectro-radiometers, Spectrometers, Stray light, Ultra-violet spectrums, Ultraviolet radiation, Ultraviolet spectroscopy
AbstractThe solar ultraviolet spectrum captured by commercially available diode-array spectroradiometers is dominated by stray light from longer wavelengths with higher intensity. The implementation of a digital micromirror device in an array spectroradiometer has the potential to enable the precise selection of desired wavelengths as well as the ability to reduce spectral intensity of some wavelengths via selective mirror modulation, both reducing long wavelength stray light. A prototype consisting of off-the-shelf components has been assembled to verify the validity of the base concept, and initial measurements have been performed to confirm the throughput and image qualities such as spectral resolution and astigmatism. © 2014 BIPM & IOP Publishing Ltd.

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