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Fostering innovation in the energy sector

Marc England (Genesis Energy) and Jenny Cameron (ERANZ) share their thoughts on innovation in the energy sector and what the sector needs to do next.

Jenny Cameron, Chief Executive, Electricity Retailers Association of New Zealand (ERANZ)

Watch our interview with Jenny Cameron, ERANZ Chief Executive, who shares her thoughts on what it will take for the electricity sector to make the most of technologies such as blockchain, including:

  • How can we encourage innovation in the energy sector?
  • How will digital technologies benefit the electricity sector?
  • What are the key issues around data for the electricity sector?

One of the ways we can encourage more innovation in New Zealand is making sure the electricity sector in New Zealand is diversifying where it is getting its ideas from.

Marc England, Chief Executive Genesis Energy

We also interviewed Genesis Energy Chief Executive Marc England about energy sector business approaches that will encourage innovation. Watch this video to hear his thoughts on:  

  • How do we promote innovation in the NZ electricity sector?
  • How did Genesis benefit from sponsoring Lightning Lab electric?
  • What is the best model for larger businesses to innovate?

We need to encourage the startups, we need to have some of the big companies partner with the startups too.


Updated: 29 August 2022