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Embracing digital technologies

We asked Bradley Andrews from energy engineering company WorleyParsons what advice he had for New Zealand businesses looking to take advantage of disruption in the energy sector.

Bradley says that generally speaking there are two approaches that his company sees in the energy sector- those who will dabble with new technology and see where they can apply it, and those who take business problems or strategies and look to see if new technology is an enabler. Bradley says, 'Both work, but generally the latter is much more powerful.' He also says that ultimately it's not the technology that is important: 

The foundation piece has to be about leadership.

Watch the full interview below,  which also covers:

  • How can organisations best prepare themselves to embrace these disruptive technologies?
  • What are the most exciting applications?
  • Why is trustworthy data so important?
  • How can these technologies address environmental issues?”


Updated: 29 August 2022