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Five digital technologies - Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Blockchain, Cloud Analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT) - are disrupting the energy sector, and adjacent sectors, such as transport and manufacturing. This is creating exciting business opportunities for innovators in New Zealand and abroad.

Callaghan Innovation helps New Zealand businesses to understand and make the most out of such opportunities. We do this by connecting you to the capabilities, funding and networks you need to succeed, and by providing valuable insights and ideas.

The Big Issues For Energy, an event hosted by the BusinessNZ Energy Council, examined the global trend of energy sector change and disruption in a New Zealand context. The event featured Tina Schirr, Asa Cox, John Carnegie, John Hancock and Nicolas Vessiot. View more...

Vic Crone, Callaghan Innovation CEO, spoke at Downstream 2018 about challenges the energy sector is facing. See more videos from energy sector leaders at Downstream 2018.

Thahirah Jalal from Unison at Downstream 2018: How should the sector respond to the disruptive challenges it faces? See more videos at Downstream 2018.

Tina Schirr, Energy Policy Advisor, BusinessNZ Energy Council on the big issues for the energy sector. View more videos...

We asked Bradley Andrews from energy engineering company WorleyParsons, 'What are your recommendations for New Zealand businesses looking to embrace disruptive, emerging technologies?' View more...

Marc England, Chief Executive of Genesis Energy, and Jenny Cameron, Chief Executive of ERANZ share their thoughts on innovation in the energy sector and what the sector needs to do next. View more...

Just how big a game changer will Blockchain be for the electricity sector? ERANZ and Genesis Energy with Callaghan Innovation and Advisian hosted a seminar exploring answers to this question. View more...

Peter Armstrong from Mitton Electronet: Acceptance of change and increased collaboration are two keys to making the most of new technology in the energy sector. See more videos at Downstream 2018.

Stu Innes, emhTrade

Software sparks fresh energy ideas

Stu Innes may not look like your traditional Marvel superhero. But the way he describes his company could almost come from the pages of a comic book.

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Artificial Intelligence infographic

Artificial Intelligence Demystified

Infographic released by Callaghan Innovation breaks through the hype and intrigue around artificial intelligence to raise awareness of the opportunity this extraordinary technology is creating.

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Sensing and Automation

Data and IoT

Our Internet of Things and Data experts will accelerate your product development.

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Running on good data

Running on good data

The importance of accurate measurement in the energy market.

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Lightning Lab Electric Demo Day Pitches

Early in September 2017 four Lightning Lab Electric (LLE) teams huddled in groups at Wellington’s Michael Fowler Centre waiting for Demo Day to start.

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Data and Internet of Things (video)

Unsure of exactly what AI, IoT and AR/VR mean, and how they work together? Then check out this primer presentation from Callaghan Innovation’s Jonathan Miller.

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Downstream 2018

Energy industry leaders share their thinking on energy sector disruption.

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Callaghan Innovation's support of Harmonic in the fields of innovation and R&D capability development have helped position us as the leading data science practitioner in specific industry sectors, such as energy, across Australasia.

Phil Shepherd, CEO, Harmonic


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