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TitleDescriptions and flavonoid chemistry of new taxa in Hebe sect. Subdistichae (Scrophulariaceae)
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsBayly, M.J., Kellow A.V., Mitchell K.A., Markham K.R., De Lange P.J., Harper G.E., Garnock-Jones P.J., and Brownsey P.J.
JournalNew Zealand Journal of Botany
Pagination571 - 602
Date Published2002
ISSN0028825X (ISSN)
KeywordsHebe, Hebe vernicosa, Populus, Scrophulariaceae, taxonomy
AbstractThis paper is a further contribution toward a revision of the species-level taxonomy of Hebe in New Zealand. Data on morphology, flavonoid chemistry, and chromosome numbers are used in the recognition of new taxa of section Subdistichae Heads. New taxa described herein are: H. societatis, known only from Mt Murchison, Braeburn Range, South Island; H. scopulorum, which occurs in the Awaroa valley, south-east of Kawhia, North Island; H. rigidula var. sulcata, which occurs on D'Urville Island and nearby areas of northern South Island; H. crenulata, which occurs in mountains of western and central areas of the northern South Island, between the Douglas Range in the north-west and the Poplars Range in the southeast; and H. cryptomorpha, which occurs primarily on mountains of the Wairau River catchment, South Island. The latter two species cannot always be separated on morphological grounds, and the decision to recognise both at species rank is based on differences in flavonoid chemistry and chromosome number. Distribution maps and illustrations of morphological features are provided for all new taxa.

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