The 2019 Challenge

C-Prize 2019 terms and conditions of entry

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Challenge details

C-Prize challenges New Zealand innovators to use new technologies to tackle complex global problems with creativity and inventiveness.

We welcome entries from:

  • New Zealand’s innovation community of companies, universities, and research organisations
  • Businesses, networks, and Māori organisations involved in environmental sustainability
  • New Zealanders with exceptional minds.

This year the challenge is our biggest yet. We want innovative tech-based solutions that can achieve commercial success while delivering positive environmental outcomes. We are specifically seeking those ideas that explore the convergence of technologies such as new materials, new manufacturing techniques, artificial intelligence, big data, and biotechnologies, that have the potential to make global and measurable impacts on:

  1. Climate change – Slowing or reversing negative human impacts on climate
  2. Fresh clean water – Cleaning up our waterways
  3. Resource use – Smarter ways to use and preserve our planet’s finite resources

There are three entry categories for this year’s C-Prize, these categories describe how the environmental impacts will be achieved:

  • Growing and Producing: How we grow and/or manufacture new or existing products and services in innovative ways (new materials, new processes, new systems, etc.) that will accelerate positive environmental outcomes
  • Using and Consuming: How we consume products in ways that preserve resources (reuse, recycle, reclaim, etc.) and reduce negative environmental impacts
  • Rejuvenating Natural Systems: The creation or innovative use of technologies that will not just reduce negative environmental impacts, but improve our natural environment (land, climate, soil, water, and nutrient systems)

We understand that some entries will have more than one environmental impact area, therefore entrants can select more than one area on the entry form.

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Terms of entry

By submitting an entry to C-Prize 2019 you agree to comply with and be bound by the following Terms of Entry (Terms).

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C-Prize is open to teams with a minimum of two members who are ordinarily resident in New Zealand at the time of entry.

There is no restriction on the maximum number of members in a team.

Entrants under the age of 18 require Callaghan Innovation’s written approval to enter. Please contact us if you are under 16 and wish to enter.

Individuals can participate in the competition more than once with different submissions and as a part of different teams by creating a new registration on the C-Prize entry portal.

Callaghan Innovation reserves the right to reject or disqualify an entry or an individual participant at any time in its sole discretion without giving reasons.

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Entry requirements and judging criteria

Please refer to the C-Prize 2019 Entry Kit for entry requirements, judging criteria and all other information to support entry into C-Prize 2019. The C-Prize 2019 Entry Kit is available for downloading via the C-Prize website here

Each entrant must declare any conflict of interest with Callaghan Innovation, any other participant, or any judge, at or prior to entry or immediately when it arises after entry.

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Up to 10 (determined by judges) finalist teams will each receive a prize package valued in excess of NZ $35,000, which includes:

  • A NZ$10,000 contribution towards the development, in New Zealand, of a proof of concept or prototype for the testing and final judging of the C-Prize Challenge.
  • Access to relevant Callaghan Innovation skills development programmes.
  • Participation in the C-Prize Bootcamps, delivered by Callaghan Innovation and the C Prize network of experts, to support the teams with the commercialisation of their ideas.
  • Advice and mentorship to support teams on their commercialisation journey.

The C-Prize 2019 overall winning team will be awarded the grand prize valued in excess of NZ$150,000, which includes:

  • NZ$100,000 contribution to be invested into the prototype or proof of concept presented at the finals stage.
  • Wide market exposure supported by Callaghan Innovation and C-Prize 2019 partners
  • Ongoing business and technology support to progress commercialisation opportunities
  • Further detail of the full winning package will be provided when the finalist teams are announced.

The overall winning team must report back to Callaghan Innovation no later than 12 months after the award of the prize detailing to Callaghan Innovation’s reasonable satisfaction how the prize was applied in support of the winning entry.

Conditions consistent with the intent of C-Prize 2019 and/or the reasonable requirements of sponsors and organisers may be imposed on the award of prizes by Callaghan Innovation. Entrants will be notified of those conditions prior to the award of the prize.

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Intellectual property and originality

Entries must be the original work of the members of the team. Entrants must not copy any part of your submission from any source including, without limitation, internet resources, books, and other inventions.

Entrants grant Callaghan Innovation a royalty-free, worldwide, perpetual, non-exclusive, freely sublicencable and transferrable licence to use any material provided to Callaghan Innovation by entrants for C-Prize 2019 in order to administer and promote C-Prize. Material which entrants have requested Callaghan Innovation keep confidential will not be used for publicity purposes.

Entrants warrant that unless expressly stated otherwise they own all intellectual property rights in the material submitted for C-Prize and have the legal right to grant Callaghan Innovation and C-Prize the rights detailed above in respect of promotion and communication.

Entrants warrant entries are new and original and that the works have not entered the public domain or have been previously entered in any other competition or awards programme (except the 2019 Zero Carbon Challenge and 9Wire).

If you make use of any knowledge or material belonging to someone else you must acknowledge that use in your submission.

Each individual participant warrants that no part of their submission for C-Prize 2019 infringes the intellectual property rights of any third party.

The Judges will have full discretion to explore possible concerns related to copying.

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Callaghan Innovation will provide travel and accommodation for up to four team members of each finalist team to attend the C-Prize Bootcamps. Additional team members are welcome to attend but will need to pay their own travel and accommodation expenses.

Any changes to travel arrangements made after bookings are confirmed will be at the competition entrant’s expense.

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General conditions

These Terms and C-Prize 2019 will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of New Zealand and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of New Zealand.

All submitted material should be presented in English.

Only entries received before the published deadline will be considered. It is your responsibility to ensure entries are received by Callaghan Innovation, which cannot take responsibility for and will not allow any delay or consideration for lost, delayed or damaged entries.

Submissions that are not delivered according to these terms and conditions of entry, entry requirements and all other rules and guidelines, or that are incomplete or illegible may be disqualified from the competition.

Personal information collected for C-Prize Challenge 2019 will be treated in accordance with the Callaghan Innovation privacy policy.

Callaghan Innovation reserve the right to interpret and amend these rules and conditions and to impose further rules or conditions at any time by providing written notification to all registered entrants (including posting such changes on the C-Prize website).

By entering the C-Prize Challenge, all entrants confirm that they have complied with and will continue to comply with these Terms, all applicable laws and related ethics considerations.

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Callaghan Innovation will appoint (and may add or remove) judges to the judging panel, in its sole discretion.

Judges will be required to declare any conflict of interest pertaining to C-Prize 2019 entries as soon as they become aware. Callaghan Innovation will manage conflicts of interest in its sole discretion.

The judges’ decisions are final and cannot be appealed.

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Judging process

There is no pre-set allocation of finalist-positions for each category or for C-Prize as a whole.

Finalist positions are not dependent on the number of entrants.

The purpose of the entry categories is to inspire entry opportunities.

Finalists will be selected from across all entries.

The judges are not required to select any finalists.

Following the entry close off deadline of December 8, 2019, all completed entries that meet the entry terms, conditions and requirements will be judged and up to ten finalists selected.

Finalist teams will be invited to participate in the C-Prize Development Programme and compete for C-Prize 2019.

The judges reserve the right to select fewer than ten finalists if entries are not considered up to the standard expected or to deliver the intended outcomes of C-Prize 2019.

The judges reserve the right to not select a grand-prize winner, if final presentations and submissions are not considered up to the standard expected or do not deliver the intended outcomes of C-Prize 2019.

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Entrants should mark clearly any parts of submissions which they would like to be treated as confidential with the word CONFIDENTIAL.

Callaghan Innovation will use its best endeavors not to disclose any parts of submissions marked CONFIDENTIAL other than as required to conduct C-Prize (including the judging process).

All judges will be bound by a duty of confidentiality.

Finalists can elect to restrict observation of their demonstrations or require specific non-disclosure agreements for attendees at the development, testing and presentation days as they see fit.

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Entrants are allowed and are encouraged to share experiences, data, and lessons learnt as part of the competition.

Finalist teams will be required to submit a fortnightly journal update to Callaghan Innovation for the purposes of publicity and progress tracking.

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Each individual entrant agrees that Callaghan Innovation, its directors, employees, and contractors (including the judges) (together the Organisers) shall have no liability to you whatsoever, whether in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise relating to or arising out of your participation in C-Prize. To the extent that the Organisers liability cannot be excluded you agree that it will be limited, in aggregate for all claims, to $1,000.

Each entrant agrees to compensate Callaghan Innovation where Callaghan Innovation suffers any loss because of falsified information or due to not owning or having appropriate rights to use materials.

Each entrant is individually responsible for the costs of entry and any tax or other cost arising out of participation including from the award of any prize.

If any individual entrant or team breaches these Terms (including by failing to attend the Bootcamp or provide required material) Callaghan Innovation may in its sole discretion:

(a) disqualify that individual from participating, but allow other team members to continue with their entry;

(b) disqualify the entry; and/or

(c) require the repayment immediately on demand of any prize money or benefit awarded to the individual or team.

Updated: 23 September 2019