C-Prize 2019

The 2019 Challenge

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​This year C-Prize is bigger than ever. 

The 2019 challenge is looking for innovative tech-based solutions that can positively impact:  

  • Climate change – Slowing or reversing negative human impacts on climate 
  • Fresh clean water – Cleaning up our waterways  
  • Resource use – Smarter ways to use and preserve our planet’s finite resources  

There are three entry categories for this year’s C-Prize:  

  • Growing and Producing:  How we grow and/or manufacture new or existing products and services in innovative ways (new materials, new processes, new systems, etc.) that will accelerate positive environmental outcomes  
  • Using and Consuming:  How we consume products in ways that preserve resources (reuse, recycle, reclaim, etc.) and reduce negative environmental impacts  
  • Rejuvenating Natural Systems: The creation or innovative use of technologies that will not just reduce negative environmental impacts, but improve our natural environment (land, climate, soil, water, and nutrient systems)

Updated:18 October 2019

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