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TitleCorrelation of delay spread and CCIR impairment
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsVaughan, R.G., and Scott N.L.
JournalElectronics Letters
Pagination1123 - 1124
Date Published1995
ISSN00135194 (ISSN)
KeywordsCommunication channels (information theory), Delay spread, Electric delay lines, Frequencies, Ghosting, Graphic methods, Impulse response, MATHEMATICAL MODELS, Multipath channels, Receiving antennas, Reception quality, Signal processing, Standard deviation, Synchronization, Television broadcasting, Television channels, Television picture quality, Television reception
AbstractCCIR impairment is a subjective measure of the degradation of television images caused by ghosting. Delay spread is the standard deviation of the impulse response of a multipath channel. To compare the impairment and delay spread, measurements were taken of independent real channels through the use of widely-spaced frequencies and decorrelated receiving patterns. The comparison shows that the log of the impairment and the delay spread are well correlated over the useful impairment range. The delay spread, an analytic parameter, thus provides an alternative for the more complicated and empirically-derived CCIR ghosting impairment measure.

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