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TitleThe control of early and late energy using the variable room acoustics system
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsPoletti, M.
Conference Name1st Australasian Acoustical Societies' Conference 2006, ACOUSTICS 2006: Noise of Progress
Date Published2006
KeywordsAcoustic noise, acoustics, Architectural acoustics, Late energy, Room acoustics, Spatial properties
AbstractElectronic enhancement systems are being increasingly used to provide control of the acoustics of multipurpose venues. Since the acoustics of a venue is governed by the power and spatial properties of the early and late sound, enhancement systems must also provide control of these properties. The Variable Room Acoustics System is one product which offers this control. The principles of the VRA system are presented here and its ability to independently control early and late energy is discussed. Two examples of installations are given. Copyright © (2006) by the Australian Acoustical Society.

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