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TitleCerebrosides of the Far Eastern sponge Hymeniacidon assimilis
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1989
AuthorsMakar'eva, T.N., Denisenko V.A., Svetashev V.I., Vysotskii M.V., and Stonik V.A.
JournalChemistry of Natural Compounds
Pagination537 - 541
Date Published1989
ISSN00093130 (ISSN)
AbstractCerebrosides have been isolated from chloroform-ethanol extract of the sponge Hymeniacidon assimilis. Their structures have been established with the aid of1H NMR spectroscopy, acid hydrolysis, and ozonolysis as the β-galactosides of the C16-, C17-, and C18-erythro-Δ4-sphingenines of normal, iso, and anteiso structures acylated in the amino groups with C21-, C22-, and C23-α-hydroxy acids. The cerebrosides from H. assimilis differ in structure from the corresponding compounds isolated previously from sponges. © 1990 Plenum Publishing Corporation.

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