Building Product Success with Justin Wilcox

Maximise the success of new product efforts

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This article was published on 11 July 2019

Do you want to know how to make your investment in new product development deliver success?

Wednesday, 28 August 2019
Te Haa o Manukau, 2 Osterley Way, Manukau, Auckland

In this ‘Building Product Success’ workshop with product-market fit expert Justin Wilcox your team will learn how to maximise the success of new product efforts.

Designed for CEOs and product development teams working within SMEs, this session will equip you with the essential skills and understanding you need to create products that your customers will really value.

The workshop will help you understand how to:

•    Identify early adopters 
•    Develop your interview technique
•    Use digital tools for international market research and insights
•    Use an MVP digital-modelling approach to test/prove your product concept

Justin Wilcox is recognised around the globe for helping companies develop and implement effective product-market fit practices. His clients include Google, Microsoft, HP, Intel and many mid-sized companies including NZ Steel. He also helps early stage businesses find their path to success.

Justin is the author of the sought after FOCUS Framework - a comprehensive and practical workbook series that steps teams through effective product-market fit practices. 

Register now to ensure a place at this game-changing workshop | $225 Ex GST | Morning tea provided