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TitleAn apparatus for accurate measurement of the temperature dependence of permanent magnetization
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsClarkson, M.T., Sutton C.M., and Mason R.
JournalMeasurement Science and Technology
Date Published2014
ISSN09570233 (ISSN)
KeywordsAccurate measurement, Design and evaluations, emperature dependence, Magnetization, Periodic variation, Sample temperature, Standard uncertainty, Temperature, Temperature coefficient, temperature dependence
AbstractWe describe the design and evaluation of an apparatus for measurement of the reversible temperature coefficient of magnetization (RTC) of magnetic samples. This design is based on the magnetic susceptometer of Davis with the inclusion of a compact Peltier element and heat-pipe arrangement for efficient control of sample temperature. We describe a method of measurement in which the RTC is determined at a particular temperature, typically 20 °C, from the changes in permanent magnetization that result from a small periodic variation in sample temperature. This method is shown to be capable of giving RTC values with a standard uncertainty of less than 2 × 10-6 K -1. © 2014 IOP Publishing Ltd.

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