Annual Report 2016

Technology and product development 2015/16

There are a myriad of paths available when it comes to taking an idea from concept to commercial reality.

Our experienced advisors and specialist scientists and engineers have helped businesses to navigate each step and deliver tailored R&D solutions.

Callaghan Innovation provides end-to- end support by helping businesses to Over the past year
Identify the steps needed to commercialise their ideas. RTS achieved $8.1 million in domestic commercial revenue, the best result in ten years, and $8.8 million in international commercial revenue. Total RTS commercial revenue was $16.9 million (actual) versus $17.3 million (budget). RTS contracted with 188 New Zealand businesses. This was an excellent result.
Develop components, products, processes and technology from proof of concept through to production.
Apply and adapt existing technology or develop their own ground-breaking research.
Access our equipment, facilities, workshops, pilot plants, labs and people for R&D.
Perform testing and measurement for specialised analysis of their products, materials, processes and calibration systems. The Measurement Standards Laboratory (MSL) delivered metrology training to 71 participants and delivered 171 calibration jobs to customers. It also performed 32 laboratory assessments for International Accreditation New Zealand.

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Updated: 22 September 2016