Annual Report 2016

Rex Bionics

Medical technology company Rex Bionics uses state-of-the-art robotics to help people with neurological disabilities get, quite literally, back on their feet.

After seeing people close to him lose their mobility, Rex Bionics co- founder and Chief Technology Officer Richard Little created a pair of robotic legs, which eventually evolved into the complex robotic exoskeleton that the company produces today. In 2015, ready to progress towards clinical trials, Rex Bionics started discussions with Callaghan Innovation. Our MedTech Sector Manager facilitated collaboration with AUT, which partnered the Rex Bionics team with experienced clinicians, physiotherapists and researchers.
Rex Bionics also worked closely with its Business Innovation Advisor getting manufacturing and R&D support, including the Better By Lean programme, a workshop and coaching programme that applies a Lean Thinking lens to improve productivity, reduce waste and enhance customers’ experiences. Participation in this programme has reduced inventories and improved delivery times for the company. Visits to a number of factories locally and abroad were organised to help them optimise their supply chain and they continue to receive R&D support via a Growth Grant and Student Fellowship Grants. As Tracey White, General Manager of Rex Bionics says,

Our contacts at Callaghan Innovation have in-depth and first-hand knowledge of medical device technology and manufacturing. These relationships have meant we are well placed to take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

The AUT clinical trials have already led to some rich insights, and thanks to ongoing involvement with us, Rex Bionics is continuing on its path to having a major presence in international medical technology markets.

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Updated: 12 December 2016