Annual Report 2016

Our people

Our people are our greatest asset. To meet the needs of our customers we continually work towards attracting and maintaining a high calibre of staff who come from many different, relevant sectors.

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This diversity of experience and expertise in both private and public sectors ensures that our wide range of customers can receive the best support and advice they need.

Callaghan Innovation strives to have an open, inclusive and diverse workforce that attracts highly motivated people with a broad range of abilities and talent. We want to be an organisation in which all people, whatever their roles, gender or ethnic or social backgrounds, have the opportunity to be their best. An early focus was on improving our organisation’s gender balance and actively increasing the number of Māori employees, and we will continue to prioritise this in 2016/17.

Our people

Leadership and Talent

Our mission is to attract and retain a talented and experienced workforce.
To meet this objective we provide our people with the support and development they need to help them excel in their roles, including learning and development in both technical and business domains.

Callaghan Innovation has a leadership framework that describes:

  • Our values
  • How we define leadership at Callaghan Innovation
  • The skills, knowledge and behavior that will support the achievement of our strategic priorities
  • The expectations of leaders at Callaghan Innovation.

Home safe every day

The safety of our staff is tantamount. In 2016 Callaghan Innovation established a Health, Safety and Environment Board Subcommittee to help guide the organisation in this area. Callaghan Innovation has a significant programme or work underway to improve health, safety and environment (HSE) participation and culture.

This includes: implementing new technology for incident reporting, inspections and risk assessments; reviewing all policies and procedures in order ultimately to produce an integrated health and safety manual; refreshing the HSE policy and mission; and establishing a broad-reaching safety goal of ‘Home safe every day’. As well, Callaghan Innovation has invested in HSE training for all managers.

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Updated: 5 October 2018