Annual Report 2016

Our connections and partnerships

Critical to our success is our close relationships with the key players in New Zealand’s innovation system.

We place a high importance on building and strengthening the connections we have with our stakeholders.

We help businesses to succeed by directing them to the best expertise, whether it is inside or outside Callaghan Innovation. Our National Technology Network Managers have built strong links with New Zealand R&D providers. Our understanding of the capabilities of other providers and good relationships with them are important for strengthening the whole New Zealand innovation ecosystem.

We work closely with other government agencies to be effective and well-coordinated when we are providing support for businesses.

  • We partner with various regional bodies and economic development agencies (EDA’s) to help us support regional businesses to develop and commercialise technology.
  • Many EDAs and Chambers of Commerce are Regional Business Partners (RBPs), who our team are providing local access to our services. RBPs help customers to access directly the expertise they require and the RBP innovation specialists act as Callaghan Innovation account managers, where we do not have physical offices in New Zealand’s regions.
  • We also partner with incubators to help businesses start up and scale up. Our support for incubators ensures that good ideas and technologies can ultimately turn into New Zealand successes.

We meet regularly with our stakeholders and also benefit from the independent, expert advice of our Stakeholder Advisory Group, which includes business, research, incubation and angel investment leaders.

Callaghan Innovation and New Zealand Trade and Enterprise

Callaghan Innovation and New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) work closely together. We have joint engagement plans in place which help us to be aligned and ensure we have the best support for customers. Our focus in the past year was on creating an effective foundation for this joint engagement. We intend to build on this, to provide end-to-end support collaboratively for a greater number of New Zealand businesses. We have continued to develop our relationship and have worked collaboratively to ensure that our joint customers have a seamless experience. This involves adopting a ‘no wrong door’ approach, sharing information through common data platforms and integrating our service suite.

Callaghan Innovation and New Zealand Trade and Enterprise
Callaghan Innovation and New Zealand Trade and Enterprise

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