Annual Report 2016

Nuku ki te Puku

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Since the Nuku ki te Puku cluster of food and beverage businesses was formed in 2014, the group has been on several international research missions and had regular meet-ups in New Zealand to form connections between businesses and explore how using technology can add value to their products.

Some of the businesses have also worked closely with our RTS team. In the past 12 months two new products have come about as a direct result of this cluster.

Around 40 Māori entities have combined forces to invest collectively in a high-value berry product that could have a huge international market, similar to that of the gold kiwifruit. The berry start-up has secured its licence to grow, and is currently in an early market research phase. Steve Saunders of the Berry Project says,

Being part of the Nukus has been the impetus for me to connect with significant Iwi, Trusts and investors for our high-value berry project. We are now at the point of working with our investors on a significant capital raise to take this project to the next level.

Ngāti Porou’s fisheries division has partnered with New World Victoria Park in Auckland to take a new, high-value smoked fish product, Ahia, to fruition – the product is now in 14 stores across the country. The introduction through the Nuku programme led the two businesses to work together to integrate their product into the supply chain and provide a direct connection to retailers.

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Updated: 22 September 2016