Annual Report 2016

Innovation skills 2015/16

Callaghan Innovation helps businesses to build the in-house skills and capability they need to ensure they are innovation-ready.

We provide a range of programmes, training courses and workshops to improve business performance, eliminate inefficient processes and activities, and increase customer satisfaction. We are constantly improving our programme suite, responding to feedback and ensuring that we’re catering to our customers’ needs.

The programmes we currently offer include: Over the past year
IMProve, which helps businesses to benchmark their innovation management capabilities against those of international cohorts of similar businesses. We enabled 12 IMProve assessments of New Zealand customers, generated benchmarking reports and provided feedback to the customers on opportunities for improvement in innovation management.
Innovation IP, an extended programme that gives innovative and willing New Zealand businesses the knowledge, capability and confidence to leverage their intellectual property (IP) and intellectual assets for accelerated business growth. We delivered a programme for 126 New Zealand customers, including Māori enterprises, to identify their valuable IP and put in place strategic IP management plans. The programme was broadened this year to capture some early-stage businesses being supported in technology incubators and companies collaborating.
Driving Innovation, which helps businesses to improve their innovation planning, risk management, and speed and measurement of product development. This year four customers took part in the Driving Innovation programme, a 12-month-long skill development programme designed to help businesses to maximise value delivered, maximise return on innovation investment, accelerate the rate of innovation and reduce portfolio waste and risk. The feedback received from businesses engaged was extremely positive.
Better By Lean, which helps businesses to review their processes and management systems in order to improve productivity and reduce waste. This year 40 customers comprising 238 people went through the Better By Lean programme. The programme has been refreshed, making it more applicable and relevant to New Zealand businesses. Our regional focus significantly boosted participant numbers this year.
The High Performance Working Initiative (HPWI), which helps businesses to achieve higher productivity through effective employee engagement and workplace practices. In the past year 49 customers took part in HPWI. We transformed HPWI to a programme delivering tangible benefits with direct correlation to increased business expenditure on R&D, earnings before interest and taxes, revenue, and innovation role hires.
The Innovation Experts Series, which provides businesses with access to the world’s leading innovation practitioners through targeted workshops. This year Callaghan Innovation partnered with organisations around New Zealand to bring inspiring international speakers to more than 1,300 business leaders and students. A number of businesses directly engaged with Callaghan Innovation services as a result. The positive feedback received highlighted that this was encouraging more New Zealand businesses to take a more strategic, focused and integrated approach to innovation.

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Updated: 14 February 2017