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A flexible approach to collaboration proves invaluable.

Chitogel has worked with Callaghan Innovation throughout its 18-month lifespan. Initially they engaged Callaghan Innovation to make smallscale batches of their product, which is a gel used in ear, nose and throat surgery. As the company progressed towards pilot-scale manufacturing, Chitogel Process Development Chemist Dr Smita Ghosh was seconded to work in the GlycoSyn lab at Callaghan Innovation’s Gracefield Innovation Quarter, where the startup received technical assistance, advice, labour, space and equipment to progress their high-value medical product.

In 2016 Chitogel set up their own production facility at Gracefield, with Callaghan Innovation assisting the young company with facility design and engineering, and health and safety requirements. The relationship between Chitogel and Callaghan Innovation shows Callaghan Innovation’s commitment to developing custom solutions for its clients; as Dr Ghosh says,

Callaghan’s flexible approach to working with us has been invaluable during this early stage – the secondment and setting us up as a Gracefield tenant  have allowed us to access Callaghan Innovation’s research and technical services in a way that is perfect for our resources and stage of business.

Breathe Easy | Access to experts 2015/16

Updated: 22 September 2016