Annual Report 2016

Business collaborations 2015/16

Callaghan Innovation has given New Zealand businesses opportunities to work with partners on shared technology-based engagements and to form mutually beneficial collaborations.

The aim of these collaborative projects is to reduce the costs of R&D and promote the sharing of knowledge among partnering businesses.

We encourage and promote groups of businesses through: Over the past year we have completed the following collaborative work
Collaborative innovation projects, where we invite businesses to tackle targeted technology projects jointly with other businesses, industry associations and research organisations. In the aviation sector we brought together a group of avionics and communications companies to address industry challenges. We are also supporting the UAVNZ industry association to maximise the benefits of UAV technology and create an advanced industry in New Zealand.
Planning and facilitating technology-focused missions to international events and visits to exemplary innovation facilities. Our missions have assisted New Zealand businesses to connect to international knowledge, expertise, innovation partners and facilities including the:
• Agritech mission to Silicon Valley and surrounds: 23 businesses
• Biotech mission to BIO International Convention in San Francisco: 13 businesses
• Manufacturing trek to Shenzhen and Guangzhou: 8 businesses.
• Medtech mission to MEDICA in Düsseldorf: 11 businesses
• Wearable tech mission to Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and Silicon Valley: 9 businesses
Developing partnerships to help solve common innovation and technology problems. Callaghan recognised an opportunity to target services to a group of similar companies facing similar challenges. We created a New Zealand biomedical cluster of companies in various stages of maturity. We facilitated networking, mentoring and communication between parties through events. Companies are now following up on potential collaborative projects and mentoring has developed useful connections that may result in new product co-development
Establishing clusters of Māori businesses with a desire to innovate or create shared opportunities. As part of the Nuku ki te Puku cluster, this year 40 Māori entities combined forces to invest collectively in a high-value berry initiative. Māori entities that own, grow and market berryfruit varieties will have greater collaboration. This particularly large collaboration is unique within Māoridom and offers a chance for those involved to shape their own business destiny.
Providing customised innovation services to address the unique needs of a specific industry. We have identified several high-growth potential industry sectors and developed sector game plans for each of them. These sector game plans identify opportunities both nationally and globally for Callaghan Innovation to assist with the growth and development of companies within each sector (Agritech, Biotech, Medtech, Digital, Aviation, Energy, Food and Beverage).

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Updated: 25 March 2022