Annual Report 2016

Access to experts 2015/16

Callaghan Innovation opens doors for New Zealand businesses seeking innovation advice, skills, support and technical expertise – accessing both New Zealand and worldwide sources.

We offer businesses fast and easy access to experts who provide tailored solutions to meet their needs. We have leveraged our network connections and acted as an ‘innovation broker’ to ensure that businesses have access to the right advisors, partners, mentors and technology providers.

Through our national and international network connections we: Over the past year
Offer ‘Global Expert', our database of national and international innovation and R&D expertise, with sources that include business networks, universities and scientific institutes The Global Expert service worked with 112 customers this year, connecting New Zealand companies to the expertise they required.
Offer the services of our technology networks and our own team, who apply their deep knowledge of national and international scientific and research expertise. The Callaghan Innovation MedTech Sector helped to establish a collaborative project between Auckland University of Technology (AUT), Rex Bionics and Healthvision NZ to establish a rehabilitation innovation centre for assessing new technologies. This collaboration has resulted in ongoing research within the wider MedTech CoRE involving AUT, Rex Bionics, Exsurgo Rehab and Callaghan Innovation.
Refer businesses to our partner organisations, including NZTE, regional economic development agencies and the venture capital community, so they have access to the full range of support available. We use Regional Business Partners (RBP) innovation specialists as Callaghan Innovation account managers, where we do not have physical offices in New Zealand’s regions. We have joint engagement plans with NZTE to ensure that we are closely aligned to create the optimal outcomes for customers.

Chitogel | Innovation skills 2016/16

Updated: 29 August 2018