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We’re here to help you connect to the additive manufacturing ecosystem and create more value with it.

We’re here to help you connect to the additive manufacturing ecosystem and create more value with it.  

Contact us to find out how we can connect you to industry networks to share knowledge and collaborate with commercial 3D printing providers, researchers and others in the additive manufacturing sector.

At our Gracefield site in Wellington, we have three industrial grade 3D printers able to manufacture in metals, engineering grade plastic and polymer resins, and suitable for a variety of applications in multiple sectors. 

ProX DMP 320 printer

ProX DMP 320

Direct Metal Printing

Material powders: Aluminium

Minimum thickness: 30 Micron

Build volume: 275 x 275 x 420mm

High throughput, high repeatability metal 3D printer that generates high-quality parts from the most challenging alloys. Integrated software, material and printer solution with expert application support.

Produce metal parts and complete assemblies in complex, chemically-pure titanium, stainless steel, tool steel, nickel superalloy or aluminium. 

ProX 500 SLS Printer

ProX SLS 500

Selective Laser Sintering

Material: Nylon

Minimum thickness: 80 Micron 

Build volume: 381 x 330 x 460mm

Print highest-resolution thermoplastic parts with consistent mechanical properties and excellent material efficiency.

Produce ready-to-use functional parts and complete assemblies in glass-reinforced and fibre-reinforced engineering thermoplastics for the aerospace, automotive, patient-specific medical device, fashion accessory and mobile device industries.  

Contact us for complimentary advice on how 3D printing might be able to form a part of your R&D programme.

We also offer tailored 3D printing solutions or connections to the industry to suit your business’s needs.


Updated: 10 November 2020