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TitleAn adaptive control system for dielectric elastomers
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsXie, S.Q., Ramson P.F., Graaf D.D., Calius E.P., and Anderson I.A.
Conference NameProceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology
Date Published2005
KeywordsActuators, Adaptive control systems, Capacitance, Data sensing, Dielectric devices, Dielectric elastomers, Elastomers, Embedded systems, High frequency sensing, Three term control systems, Voltage control, Ziegler-Nichols
AbstractDielectric elastomers actuate under a capacitive mechanism and the resulting actuator is especially desirable as a biomimetic 'artificial muscle' device. This paper investigates the development and control of an acrylic dielectric elastomer, 3M VHB 4930, when used as a mechanical actuator. An embedded sensing and actuation system is proposed in the paper. The capacitance of the dielectric elastomer would be calculated using the feedback of a high frequency sensing signal attached to the actuation voltage. A PID closed loop quasi-digital voltage control system is developed for controlling the actuation voltage. Experiments are carried out to test the performance against the nonlinearity of the material. The combination of the solutions proved the feasibility of using the dielectric elastomer as a mechanical actuator. © 2005 IEEE.

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