Hemp and medicinal cannabis

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Capability roadmaps: The path from concept to commercialisation

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What are the hemp & medicinal cannabis capability roadmaps?

The hemp and medicinal cannabis industry in New Zealand are in its infancy but has the potential to be a valuable contributor to the New Zealand economy. To help realise that potential, Callaghan Innovation has created three downloadable sector-based capability roadmaps for those developing businesses in the hemp and medicinal cannabis industry.

These roadmaps are designed to guide businesses through their planning and operational entry into the industry.  They are available to download for free.

Building on lessons from other industries, such as kiwifruit, manuka honey and wine, the roadmaps offer step-by-step practical information required from pre-startup through to commercialisation, including:

  • growing
  • processing
  • extracting
  • formulating 
  • trialling 
  • distributing

The three roadmaps cover the different challenges and regulatory requirements in each sector. 

Each roadmap will be updated as regulatory changes or new developments arise. Callaghan Innovation may change, delete, add to, or otherwise amend information contained in each roadmap without notice. We recommend checking back to ensure you have downloaded the most up-to-date information.


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Who are the roadmaps for?

These roadmaps will benefit any innovators new to the hemp and medicinal cannabis industry.  Generally, this will be early-stage businesses, but they’re also relevant to established businesses that have pivoted to medicinal cannabis and hemp.


Hemp Fibre Capability Roadmap

Hemp Fibre Capability Roadmap cover

PDF icon Hemp-Fibre-Roadmap.pdf
(last updated: 22/02/2022)

Medicinal Cannabis Capability Roadmap

Medicinal Cannabis Capability Roadmap cover

PDF icon Medicinal-Cannabis-Roadmap.pdf
(last updated: 19/02/2021

Hemp Seed Capability Roadmap

Hemp Seed Capability Roadmap cover

PDF icon Hemp-Seed-Roadmap.pdf
(last updated: 22/02/2022)

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Updated: 17 October 2022