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A problem shared is a problem halved. We’re a mix of entrepreneurs, practitioners, scientists and specialists using real world experience to connect you with other world class innovators and rapid adopters of new ideas, standards and ways of thinking.

Whether you’re a business that needs multiple types of research to advance your innovation or a group of businesses trying to solve a shared problem, it all comes together with a little collaboration.

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How can collaborative projects help my business?

We’ll give you the platform your business needs to get the right answers for your idea or concept with our expertise in:

  • Linking you with like-minded businesses so you can learn from the best on how the innovation system works, what the opportunities are, and build connections for the benefit of your business and the innovation community.
  • Building partnerships to solve common innovation and technology problems - identifying New Zealand businesses with a shared interest in an opportunity or barrier to commercialising their innovation, and providing you with access to those clusters and the government’s innovation sector.
  • Detecting patterns in industry needs and connecting New Zealand businesses, industry associations, research organisations and technology service providers with the opportunities through joint projects and ventures.
  • Inspiring groups of New Zealand businesses to be early adopters of innovation and encouraging participation in collaborative projects and initiatives such as 'C Prize' - a competition created by Callaghan Innovation to incentivise the advancement of unmanned aerial vehicles in the film industry.

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How does it work?

Big data is an issue for many New Zealand businesses and sometimes those businesses aren’t from the same industry or have products in common. We’ve brought together a group of companies and university researchers from Callaghan Innovation, the University of Auckland and Massey University to look at ways big data can help them. They’re now collaborating to solve the problem of real-time data capture and analysis.

If you want your business to benefit from the traction of a community approach to innovation, we can help you.

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How do I get involved?

Phone Callaghan Innovation on 0800 4 CALLAGHAN (0800 422 552) to talk to us about how collaborative projects can help your business.

The biggest success outside of the research is bringing together the institutional knowledge of all the companies in a very apolitical way where they are able to share it – before, it was all done in silos by individual companies.

Richard McColl, Manager - Ovine Automation Consorium (OAL)

Updated: 15 June 2022