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Callaghan Innovation is working with industry and other government agencies as part of the Agritech Industry Transformation Plan (ITP) to turbocharge global growth for New Zealand’s agritech sector. Working with our partners we provide services, advice and access to networks - in New Zealand and globally - to enable powerful partnerships, and create world-leading solutions that will work for people, and the environment. Check out some of our exciting services below!

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Agritech Support Explorer

If you’ve got a great business idea, it can be challenging and complex to find the right funding and advice - especially if this support is provided by a large number of different organisations.

So, how can you find advice and support to suit where you’re at in your business journey?

The Agritech Support Explorer helps businesses navigate the rapidly evolving funding and support landscape, with easy-to-access information, tailored to specific needs.

Just answer a few simple questions to find out who can help, fund or support you on your journey. Updated regularly with new guidance and resources, the Agritech Support Explorer is your secret weapon for building an innovative, commercially driven agritech business. 

Try the Agritech Support Explorer.

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Global Signals

Global Signals newsletter banner

Research shows that ‘future ready’ businesses outperform other businesses in growth and longevity.

But how do you know what the next big innovation will be? Where do you look, and how will you ride that wave, innovating when others appear to be standing still?

Global Signals, a new service from Callaghan Innovation can help New Zealand agritech businesses monitor and interpret key global shifts before they happen. The service enables NZ businesses to pinpoint areas of the market that are potentially going to be disrupted, and enables them to act accordingly.

Global Signals is a monthly newsletter, co-authored by Melissa Clark-Reynolds, leading foresight practitioner, futurist and strategist to bring you thought provoking insights on the future of food, agriculture, and agritech.

We have also launched a series of Global Signals workshops from leading futurists, including Dr Stephanie Pride, to help industry understand foresighting, and how it can be integrated into your planning to benefit your business.

Sign up to our Global Signals newsletter here to receive the monthly newsletter and be the first to hear about upcoming workshops.

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Early Adopter Network

Bluelab - Pulse Meter in use

Finding the right partners to test your technology in real-life situations can be challenging, especially in the agricultural sector. 

How do you establish local and international ‘product-market fit’?

Our Early Adopter Network aims to bring together experts from across the agritech sector, to work on common global problems, and open up new opportunities to learn, collaborate, explore, and solve those problems.

Working with New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) the network has created opportunities for NZ agritech companies with leading grower groups in Australia, Latin America and North America. This has enabled early-stage and scaling businesses to access a network of engaged growers for testing technology, with the ultimate aim to generate improved agritech sector R&D, product development, innovation, and commercial outcomes.

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Scale For Global Growth

Scale for Global Growth

Scaling from a small local-market-focused business into a global player can be extremely challenging, especially with all the complexity that comes from international growth.

How do you manage intellectual property, capital, talent, supply chains and market validation to achieve your growth goals?

Scale for Global Growth is a programme run by Callaghan Innovation and New Zealand Trade & Enterprise (NZTE), designed to help New Zealand agritech businesses pursue commercial success in international markets through a supported, methodical approach to scaling businesses for global growth.

We have gathered a team of experts with extensive experience with globally successful businesses to provide targeted advice and support. Working in conjunction with NZTE, we can identify global opportunities, and create a connected supply chain for New Zealand agritech businesses to succeed.

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Farm2050 Nutrient Technology Trialing Platform

Farm2050 Nutrient Technology Trialing Platform

The world’s agricultural systems sit at a crossroads when it comes to sustainability.

How can we develop the next generation of nutrient management technologies that will meet productivity requirements as well as future generations' need for improved environmental management?

The goal of the Farm 2050 Nutrient Technology Trialing Platform (NTTP) is to identify, validate and demonstrate, at scale, promising technologies in nutrient management using an integrated approach across multiple farm/crop systems. In turn, this will enable startups and potential partners to build high-fidelity proof points of both economic and environmental value.

Callaghan Innovation, Plant & Food Research, Agritech NZ and the Farm 2050 group are working together to bring the first field trials in NZ which will focus on the pastoral/grazing dairy farm, high value horticultural crops and row crops. A number of New Zealand Agritech businesses have been selected for this multi-year trial.

To find out more see the Farm2050 website or email us with questions.

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Horticulture Technology Catalyst

Horticulture Technology Catalyst

The horticulture industry is currently experiencing the fastest growth in the New Zealand Primary Sector. Alongside this, New Zealand has developed a range of exciting horticulture technology solutions.

How can we help develop these horticulture technology solutions faster; and expand their growth on the global stage?

The Horticulture Technology Catalyst (Hort Tech Catalyst) will help New Zealand horticulture technology businesses navigate their most effective local and global channels to market through:

  1. Facilitating collaborations to solve real-world industry problems e.g. Agritech in the Vineyards event in Marlborough (working with Bragato Research Institute)
  2. Project leadership, facilitation, and support services for key initiatives to enable faster commercialisation and globalisation of horticulture technology e.g. Apple Problem Statement project (working with four of the biggest Hawkes Bay growers); 
  3. Boosting an industry-ready talent pipeline, to support the growing horticulture technology sector e.g. Regional talent attraction and retention pilot in Bay of Plenty (working with Horticulture NZ and Priority One).

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Customer Stories

Agritech ITP customer stories

Want to hear more about the fantastic work our agritech customers are doing here in NZ and/or across the globe? Find out more here.

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Agritech ITP - Agritech in the vineyards 2021

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Updated: 12 July 2022