Access to experts

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Connecting you with the right advisor, partner, mentor or technology provider.

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We identify the expertise you need and connect you with our national and international networks.

We’ll introduce you to like-minded businesses, provide you with access to shared facilities and use our partnerships to help you take your idea to commercial reality.

When we know what you need, we help you make the right connections.

Māori Economy Hub

Māori Economy

We’re here to tautoko your business by connecting you to the right research and development (R&D) services and co-funding.

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Founder Incubators

Do you have a great idea or an early stage, high-growth business? Founder incubators provide concentrated, core business support and extensive networks for you to accelerate your path to market.

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Accelerator Programme


Are you an entrepreneur with an early stage ICT or digital technology start-up? Accelerator programmes can help you rapidly build your business to make it investment-ready.

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Medical Tech

Technology Incubators

Technology incubators invest in and actively help commercialise complex technologies. They concentrate on taking your concept to the next level by building a business around the technology.

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Use our networks to grow your business - we’re highly connected. Lead your business to shared research, innovation and technology opportunities to give your product and process development critical exposure.

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Collaborative Projects

Collaborative projects

We’re entrepreneurs, practitioners and scientists using real world experience to connect you with other world class innovators and rapid adopters.

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Agritech ITP

Agritech ITP

Agritech is an exciting, growing sector offering opportunities to solve some of the world’s most pressing food problems.

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The HealthTech Activator website

The HealthTech Activator website

The HealthTech Activator is a centralised, sector-wide initiative that connects resources and expertise, making it easier for NZ healthtech companies to access essential support to turn their health innovations

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Updated:16 September 2020

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